(as pictured from top left)

Stone People by Joe Geshick  $525

Wall Clock, Shovel Point Mirror by Peter Pestalozzi  $140  $350

Show and Tell by Carl Gawboy  $435

Snowy Owl by Pam Dull $175

Rocky River  by Lee Englund  $750

Quiet Bay by Dave Andrus  $180 (above)

Autumn Meadow by Stephen Kraseman $475 (below)

Summer Day by Kurt Seaberg  $500

Robins and Nest bySpencer Hahne $495

Keeper of the Light  by Beki Kilorin  $475

Native Drifter by Beki Kilorin  $295

Lake Nesters by Beki Kilorin  $270

Pictured Rocks photo by Peter Pestalozzi  $175  (above)

Pictured Rocks Buffet by Peter Pestalozzi $ 4500 (below)

Morning Fog by Peter Kess   $175

Happy Cloud by Peter Kess  $200

Dark Blue Water by Peter Kess $125


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