As we worked through the next few phases, we ran into the difficulties that come with making such a leap up in size. Our pivot pins couldn't just be a slightly lose screw, we needed bolts, with washers and eventually large reinforcement discs on the leaves. The actuating pins needed to ride smoothly in the slots, so we designed roller bearings that would be firmly mounted onto the leaf and then slide in an appropriately sized slot ( the slot doesn't need to the full length of the disc as the original model had them).

But the biggest change in design was adding plywood ramps the would guide a leaf over the pin of the adjacent leaf.

We assembled and disassembled the iris many times as we worked out the bugs that kept it from operating smoothly. We built rollers for the actuator ring to rest in and then had to make them larger. We had to glue down the large washer/discs that we had placed on the leaf pivot points. We had to adjust the placement of the arm on the actuator ring. herer was a long string of problem solving that we worked through but in the end, it all worked out great and we are VERY proud of our accomplishment.

I once again want to thank Jim Beaty for his help, we had a great time working together, and accomplished great things.